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Ryze is a digital learning pocket companion, providing cutting edge learning experiences to students around the world.


Interactive learning

Ryze is your mobile learning companion that embraces twenty first century learning. With the power of technology, Ryze delivers multi-media rich learning into the pockets of students across the globe. Our first-party Netflix quality video content delivers engaging feature length material bespoke to each university.

Our Mission

Academic content can be difficult to learn and hard to apply. We help you engage by breaking down tricky concepts into a fun, bitesize format. Using a combination of media, we bring content to life so you can learn at your own speed and enjoy it!

Here at Ryze we’ve designed our app to be bright, fun and entertaining. This philosophy is engrained into everything we do, from our interactive quizzes and assessments; down to every sentence written in our micro-lessons.

We believe that the best learning comes from the highest quality content. That’s why our content is written by world leading academics from a host of universities across the globe. It is this mix of our philosophy, engaging platform and high-quality content that makes us unique and the best at what we do.

Effective bite size content

Ryze is made up of thousands of manageable chunks we call ‘micro-lessons’. You can complete a micro-lesson or watch an educational video whether you have 5 or 30 minutes to spare.

Clearly track your progress

A personalised Insights page shows you how much you have done and what you can learn next allowing you to pick up exactly where you left off. Bookmark your favourite lessons for quick access and write notes within the app as you learn.

Gain points while you learn

Who said learning wasn’t fun? As you use Ryze, you’ll earn points which can be redeemed for items from the Ryze Store*. Earn points as you navigate through lessons or attempt assessments and quizzes.

(*coming 2021)

Test your knowledge

Test your knowledge by tackling mini-quizzes and end of topic assessments. Consisting of multiple-choice questions and more, Ryze provides instant feedback on which answers were correct or not. Ideal for instant learning and progress satisfaction.


Partner with us

Ryze is used by universities across the UK and further afield. Ryze collections can be licensed and tailored to a particular course, or they can be commissioned and created in collaboration with a university.

Our mother organisation Studious creates new content for universities looking for bespoke content. Find out more on our Studious website.

Download Ryze app today

Ryze is free to download from the iOS App Store and Android's Google Play Store. Download today and start your learning journey.

Download the Ryze app today