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Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

About Ryze

  • What is Ryze?

    Ryze is a mobile platform for iOS, Android and the web. Ryze delivers cutting edge supplemental educational content to universities, colleges and schools across the UK.

    Our aim is to enhance the learning of students through multimedia rich experiences; engaging and challenging quizzes and assessments; and state of the art augmented reality.

  • Who uses Ryze?

    Ryze is used by students of select partner universities or employees of partner businesses.

    We team up with each to offer their students or employees a powerful and dynamic learning environment.

  • What content does Ryze contain?

    Ryze is currently providing business-centric lessons, covering topics such as:

    • Leadership
    • Organisational behaviour
    • Management
    • Accounting and finance
    • Strategic brand management
    • Entrepreneurship

    Ryze also contains several university-wide topics that any student from any school can benefit from. These include:

    • Research methods
    • Study skills
    • Employability

    Ryze has also been used as a companion for welcome-week students, providing advice, knowledge and guidance to students prior to arriving at their chosen campus.

  • Who makes the content within Ryze?

    Our content is created by academics at universities from around the UK, including University of Nottingham, Exeter, UCL, UEA, University of Surrey, University of Liverpool.

    However individual institutions can upload their own content into Ryze and issue access to content to specific students.

    We work with institutions to create content that best matches your courses. If you would like to work with our parent organisation to create a bespoke course, you can find out more on our Studious website.

  • What platforms does Ryze support?

    Ryze is compatible with most modern smartphones for iOS and Android - however we recommend using the latest and most up to date operating systems that are compatible and available to your device.

    For those without a compatible smartphone, Ryze is also available as a web-app via a browser. To use the web-app, we recommend you use with Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari web browser.

  • How do I get Ryze?

    Ryze is currently available to select number of university, college and school students. We’re continuously looking to expand our partnerships with educational institutions across the UK and internationally.

    If you are within the education sector and would like to utilise Ryze within your department, we would love to speak with you.

Account questions

  • Do I need to register to use Ryze?

    Yes. An account is needed to use Ryze so that we can record your progress; award achievements; and save what lessons and quizzes you complete. We also use your account to provide you with custom content created by your university or business organisation.

    Creating an account is currently reserved for university students that have partnered with Ryze. To create an account, download the app onto a device and follow the on-screen instructions. When prompted to do so, register with your university email address as this will allow us to validate your account and show you content that is relevant to you.

  • I can't remember my login details

    We take account security very seriously. As a result, we will not be able to assist you with any lost login credentials. However here are a few steps which might help you out:

    • Use your university email address. Ryze accounts currently only provide content to students whose university has partnered with us. As a result, if you’ve forgotten your email address, try using your university email address.

    • Try resetting your password. From the login screen there is an option to reset your password. Simply enter your registered email address and a password reset email will be sent to you.

  • I want to delete my account

    We’ve made deleting your account simple and straight forward. To delete your account, login to Ryze, visit the settings screen and tap delete my account. You’ll be asked to confirm the deletion before all of your personable data is erased from our systems.

    Please note: account deletion is irreversible - even our crew of techno-geeks won’t be able to recover a deleted account, so please proceed with caution.

Technical questions

  • What device should I use Ryze on?

    Ryze has been designed as a mobile-first experience. As a result, Ryze works great on a smartphone. We’ve worked extra hard to support Ryze on the majority of Apple’s iPhone devices as well as a large portion of Android devices from multiple manufacturers.

    For those with a tablet, Ryze not only works on iPads and Android tablets, it also looks great too. The larger screen sizes available on tablet devices mean we can offer an even better experience.

    However those without a smartphone or tablet, Ryze also runs as a web-app. You can visit the web-app via a browser by visiting For best results, we recommend you use either the Google Chrome or Apple Safari browser.

  • What operating system do I need?

    We’ve worked hard to support as many operating systems as possible. At a minimum, we would recommend:

    • Android: Jelly Bean, v16, 4.1.x or newer

    • Apple: iOS 8 or newer

Sales and partners

  • I want to use Ryze within my university
    The Ryze platform is tailored to support student learning and we would love the opportunity to demonstrate our success with you. If you are a lecturer, head-of-department, or an employee of an organisation or business and would like to know more about how Ryze can help the learning in your organisation, please get in touch.
  • I would like a demo of Ryze
    If you are a lecturer, head-of-department, or an employee of an organisation or business and would like a demonstration of Ryze to know more about how Ryze can help the learning in your organisation, please get in touch.

Lets chat

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Ryze is free to download from the iOS App Store and Android's Google Play Store. Download today and start your learning journey.

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